Thursday, March 1, 2012

Phil Blankenship & David Reed "Rhinestone" cd

Phil Blankenship & David Reed

Yes. This is absolutely on your next list of crazy noise cds to pick up. You all know who Phil Blankenship (Cherry Point) is so I will spare you the reiteration but this collaboration with David Reed (of Luasa Raelon and Envenomist) is a huge swirling gorgeous maelstrom of noise, smashing and room sounds. In fact that is maybe my favorite part of this cd. The sound of the room the sounds are being made in. The recording is so well done that you can almost hear the shape of the room. Most live releases are a document of the sounds made at a certain time but this is actually a document of a place and time. It's impressive. Simple digipack cd with excellent minimal design as you may have come to expect from Troniks releases. Get this before the 175 are all gone. 

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