Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dao De Noize "NMII" cdr

Dao De Noize

First of all, if the audio on this cdr was not so damn good I would have to give this a 2. The layout is so lackluster that I am kinda bummed just looking at it. It's not the worst thing I have ever seen but it's another slim cd case with a cdr (thankfully it's at least stamped with the label's logo) but the color photocopy that sits inside goes only halfway across the back and it looks kinda cruddy. If this was in resealable bag where you could see part of the cdr this might look okay but it's either the wrong packaging or the wrong cover. The cover itself, with it's toy frog, kinda looks like Boris' Amplifier Worship cover before Steve O'Malley got to fix it. It looks kinda 90's and not in the best way. The audio however is gorgeous. Really excellent droning noise with lots of strange instrumentations or field recordings of instruments that totally work. This artist, Dao De Noize, despite having a rough name and a rougher typeface for that name, is doing some really amazing work. 

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