Monday, March 26, 2012

Plack Blague "Heavy Leather" cdr

Plack Blague
Heavy Leather
BTK Records

This creeped me out. The artwork throughout has that weird hyper sexual man on man torture thing that always kind of gives me the willies. It makes me think of what was probably going on in Dean Corll's head during his horrible career as a serial killer. I have to say that the music is pretty awesome. It's harsh in it's delivery and a bit like Prurient's Bermuda Drain cassette that I received this year. I am digging this dark industrial, no wave insanity that I have been hearing more and more of lately. The vocals on this Plack Blague in particular though are fucking horrifying. It's so deranged and harsh in comparison with the synth heavy danceable music that it is accompanying. I like this. It's fucked up. 

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