Monday, March 26, 2012

Glass Coffin "Remnants of a Cold Dead World" cdr

Glass Coffin
Remnants of a Cold Dead World
Crucial Blast 

As most of you can tell by my reviews I am pretty into Glass Coffin. It's so dirty, lo fi and dark in it's approach to black metal. There is something so competent yet naive about Josh Lay's delivery that it feels genuine. Like it could have been recorded at the same time as Apocalyptic Raids. The recording on this one is by far the best and the dirtiest. The drumming is raw yet somehow precise, the guitars sound like chainsaws in the next room and the vocals sound like an apology gurgled through a Columbian Necktie. It's a full length cdr with ten tracks of blackened filth. This is necessary. Limited to 200 numbered copies and packaged in an amray dvd style case. It comes with a pro printed credit sheet, two buttons, two stickers and an amazing artzine full of Josh Lay's artwork. The artwork is fantastic. It has a Mike Diana vibe and the look of a hesher's binder in high school. This is my favorite thing I have received this whole year. I recommend getting this immediately. 

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  1. I listened to this once, thought it was awful and filed it away. Read your review and was like what Apocalyptic Raids is he talking about? Hellhammer being one of my all time faves... Anyway, on the second listen I did find the Hellhammer reference, I also found some weird twangy sounding stuff in there too... It's actually ok, but not something I'd listen to that much, maybe I just need to hear more of Mr. Lays stuff. Stand out track for me was I am Satans Sword. Nice packaging- buttons, stickers and some crazy-ass Neckface X Satan art which I love...