Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Alto Jeffro "Songz USSR (1983)" cs

Alto Jeffro
Songz Ussr (1983)
Lava Church Records

Solid and strange. I am not sure what exactly to make of this, some odd loops accompany simple drums and guitar riffs. It actually reminds me a really psychedelic version of the Cars but with much better instrumentation and vocals. I can imagine thinking this is what music in the future might sounds like if I was discovering krautrock in america when it was first being recorded. I don't think saying this sounds like NEU! or Can would be accurate but you can hear some of that throughout this. If you wanted a contemporary comparison I would maybe say I hear a little bit of The Books in there if they had once started off very lo-fi. It's good and totally interesting. The layout is fine and fitting. Nothing to write home about and not nearly as exciting as some of the music on this cassette. Also came with a Yngwie Malmsteen trading card. That's weird. 

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