Thursday, March 15, 2012

Plutonium "devilmentertainment" cd

Self Released

To be totally honest I was ready to hate this when I pulled it out of it's case. I hated the text on the cover so much that I assumed this was going to, at best, sound like a sad Skinny Puppy. What I actually heard when the music started was some very intense industrial black metal. You almost have to hear this to know what that means but it's not bad. Intense and well played with incredibly mechanical drums and decent vocals. There are times that make you think of early Immortal mixed with Ministry. I actually know a few friends that would totally worship this thing. It's not totally my thing but I recognize that this is pretty well done. There are a few kinda questionable moments here and there. A few parts that sounds a little stadium metal and a couple things that are a little heavy on the samples and mechanics of the whole thing. I like my black metal to be more naive and lofi where this is very polished and almost perfectly recorded. There are some riffs on this that are amazing though and I wish I had written. The first riff on Unintelligent Design is some sort of blackened voivod inspired awesomeness. There is a quick break of samples that kind of bum me out but then it goes right back to killing everyone. It definitely has it moments. I think if industrial black metal sounds like something you might dig I would recommend it. 

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