Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dao De Noize/Daruin split cdr

Dao De Noize/Daruin
Split cdr

Excellent noise from both Dao De Noize and Daruin. Dao De Noize plays piercing noise that sits on top of heavy, thick static. There seems to be loops below the fray of bells, drums, scraping metal, voices and various other sounds but they are all so buried that picking them out can give you a bit of anxiety. It's really good work from an artist I have not heard of until now. Daruin's two tracks seems to be more in the world of drone. It has a Birchville Cat Motel playing a Buddha Box type of sound. This is to say it's awesome. The trance that you will find yourself in after the first 20 minute track will be slightly jarred by the noisier, shorter track to follow. Really excellent audio on here. It looses a little points for the overly simplistic packaging and layout. It's not bad but a totally blank white cdr in a slim case with a photocopied cover is not that inspiring. Like I said, its not bad, it's just sorta forgettable. Musically though you will not be disappointed. 

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