Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sadness Saturn/Golden Raven split cs

Sadness Saturn/Golden Raven
Split cassette
Handmade Birds

Fuck yeah, this is awesome! Sadness Saturn is Luke from Servile Sect's solo project and it's pretty much in the similar vein. Prog influenced black metal and noise but on the slower and more psychedelic side of things. It's really good stuff. The Golden Raven. or Nhate from Ash Borer, is also excellent. It sounds like a scarier, noisier Parsons Sound or maybe a super evil Tangerine Dream. Pretty bad ass. The artwork and text is excellent although I would have loved to see the two married in a way that made legibility still possible. Limited to 100 copies and surprisingly still available. Go to Handmade Birds site and buy every single thing that they still have available. Quickly!

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