Monday, March 26, 2012

Casque Strenght "Culture and Humiliation" cs

Casque Strenght 
Culture and Humiliation
Depressive Illusions 

Before I get into it I want to say that the spelling on that name is correct.. or incorrect.. whatever. It's supposed to be that way and that's cool but I will admit that the name spelling and the fact that the cassette was a plain TDK blank cassette with no altering of any kind made me want to not like this. In fact I was geared up to give this a 2 or a 3 based on the delivery alone. Oh yeah, It also came in the mail without a case. I had plenty of TDK cases sitting around so it got a mate but that was a little weird. Surprisingly, the dark ambient orchestral sounds on this cassette are amazing. I was thoroughly amazed at the sounds that came out of my stereo. This is real professional sounding music that I would not be surprised if the artist behind this recording was classically trained. I am very impressed. The packaging and the music do not relate. I think they spent all there time on the meal and didn't care about the plating and that's fine. I would have easily given this a 5 if they had though. The layout aside this is also a c90 with only about 25 minutes of music on just one side. With it's superfluous faults aside I recommend finding this cassette and enjoying. Limited to 100 copies from the Czech Republic. 

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