Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kenji Siratori & Flat Affect split cdr

Kenji Siratori & Flat Affect
Disk Etikette

A long time in the making and completely interesting if not a little disjointed. I usually like to hear splits compliment each other and the tracks on here feel a little bit like a compilation instead of a split. Luckily all the of the tracks are pretty fucking interesting. Flat Affect does some futuristic synth explorations that feel like a very alien version of drone. Nothing analog. This is pure digital sine wave manipulation. Kenji Siratori (a man I cannot get in touch with. Please let me know if you can) goes even further into the future with his spastic deconstruction of digital noise and chaos. Often done with manipulations of his voice, it's pretty spectacular to hear. The collaboration tracks on this are between Flat Affect and a third artist, RedSK. This is were things feel a little off for my. Although those tracks are great too. This is all pretty spastic, brutal noise that was all recorded in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Limited to 35 copies and packaged in a jewel case full of nails. Seriously. It's worth finding for sure. The coolest thing about this label Disk Etikette, by the way, is that they mostly put out floppy disks. You know the ones. You used to play Zork on them. 

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