Thursday, March 29, 2012

Venowl "untitled" cs

Ivory Antlers

This is a beautiful mess. The music is basically two tracks of what sounds mostly improvised using two different vocabularies of music. Side a, which is also my favorite side, is a super manic destructive maelstrom of guitar, vocals, drums in the style of Sissy Spacek or Menstruation Sisters but within a black metal sensibility. It's total screaming destruction. Side B is more like a doom track. Imagine Grief having to play first thing in the morning with no practice in months. It's a disaster but it works pretty well. Totally unique and bizarre. The layout and artwork are great and inspiring. I thank them for that. I would have liked to see some sort of imprinting on the cassette or at least a stamp. My only real problem I think is unique to my cassette. The first five minutes or so of side one sounded very warped and made listening a little weird.

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