Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Patrick McBratney "Lovebird" cs

Patrick McBratney
Lava Church Records

Excellent bedroom pop from Patrick McBratney graces both sides of this cassette. With the lo-fi feel I get the vibe of an early Ariel Pink if he used an 8 bit synth for his drum machine instead of his voice for the percussion. Maybe if Ariel Pink had released hi first record on Factory Records or maybe World Serpent. The songs have a haunting naivete that I find very appealing. The vocals are almost completely impossible to understand but I really enjoy the mumbled/distorted sound of what would have sounded like pretty straight forward singing. The artwork and layout are not something that appeals to me really. It's fine. The painting on the cover is pretty nice but it looks like a jumble of ideas with little or no focus. The layout is not really there to speak of. The type treatment is pretty 90's and not in a god way but other than that the audio is great. I recommend checking this out if you come across it for that alone. 

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