Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sissy Spacek "Harm" cd

Sissy Spacek 

Sissy Spacek is sometimes described as "grindcore" (even by John Wiese to me once). I think this is a bit of a stretch but this record certainly has the power, if not more power, than your average grindcore record. If you take the most inhuman, noisy, destructive parts of grindcore and make that the loudest most fucked up thing you have ever experienced then you will understand Sissy Spacek on this live to tape album. It's a fast and destructive wave of pure noise fuckery. I am sure you own this already. It's absolutely necessary. This will bum out friends and lovers but will make you want to go drive a car as fast as you can. Limited to 200 and it looks beautiful. I actually have to take a moment and talk about this. Troniks, especially in regards to their John Wiese related projects, have the nicest design in noise. They actually understand typography. They pair serif and san serif fonts flawlessly, the use of imagery is always minimal yet totally interesting and effective. The only crime I have ever seen them commit in relation to typography (and they are way better at it than I) is that the font they used on the John Wiese "Teenage Hallucinations" cd had too high of a contrast for the way it was printed and the paper it was printed on. It was a font designed for letterpress and not for offset printing so it was a little hard to read with the thin parts of the letters not being punched into paper… that is as nitpicking as I get about that though because their design is almost flawless. I am always in awe. 

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