Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ithi "The Persistence of Meaning" cd

The Persistence of Meaning
Utech Records

This is bludgeoning. Heavy noise accompanying synth rhythms and chanting vocals make for something almost cocky. This record, which features Servile Sect personnel, is a huge chunk of grim, belligerent krautrock. I was absolutely floored by the first track and each one that follows continues to blow me away. This is thick and dark like a blizzard at midnight. They do this one thing that I love where they add context to the heavy drones and noise by adding these bits of audio (maybe field recordings maybe something else) that have little reverb or distortion on them. They almost sound like they are happening right next to your head where as most of the music could be being blared from the top of a mountain at you. It's a rich album that needs at least a few listens before you should go on. Being on Utech Records it is amazing looking. A debossed logo into the cover with a second double sided full color cover. Excellent hand done type by Kevin Yuen. This is excellent. 

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