Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Soft Targets "The Rise and Fall of..." cs

Soft Targets
The Rise and Fall of…
Cassette Pet Records

I am always surprised when I get a tape to review that is not some crazy harsh noise drone thing, so Soft Targets was a huge surprise. As the first song started I immediately thought Mission of Burma, Lync, Crackerbash, Naked Raygun and early SST records all at once. It's fast, jangling pop with a noisy, punk sensibility. Not pop punk though.  There is no NOFX crud here. This is closer to garage rock with a lot of volume. If you look these guys up online you will be floored by how rad they look. I know that doesn't matter but I was picturing a bunch of kids who discovered everything that ruled about Chicago in the 80s through the early 90's but these are the guys who were making that scene. I don't love every song. Not that they are bad but some just don't really do it for me. Still it's a pretty damn good cassette. If you are my age or older and ever got a chance to see any of this stuff when it was happening I think Soft Targets will totally make your day. The design on this cassette is excellent. Strong typography and simple imagery that totally works. Good job guys. 

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