Thursday, March 8, 2012

Servile Sect "Demos 2005/2006" cs

Servile Sect
Demos 2005/2006
Land of Decay

Listening to something titled "demos" usually, for me, means that I will probably be listening to it with an ear towards where the artist ended up and not so much where they were when they started. In other words, I want to hear how, in this case, Servile Sect became the black metal, drone, kraut-rock, noise goliath they are today. These demos are about six years old and it's cool to hear how certain SS were about what they intended to do with their music (or anti-music). Both sides of this cassette house some beautiful moments that really do moves seamlessly through the genres I mentioned previously. If this was their foundation I totally understand how Servile Sect have consistently churned out quality releases. It's not necessary for you to hear this first but I would recommend you do hear it. Limited to 100 copies with awesome design by Kevin Gan Yuen. 

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