Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Broken Penis Orchestra "Plays with Itself" cs

Broken Penis Orchestra
Plays with Itself

This is the opposite of everything I should like. My opinions of samples in noise have been well documented and I probably get more comments and emails regarding my opinions of samples then just about anything. Broken Penis Orchestra is driven by Stan Reed of Dried Up Corpse, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and Plethora and it is basically all samples. This is not a bunch of samples adorning a wave of HNW, letting me know the artist performing the harsh noise appreciates Stanley Kubrick or wants me to think about bloody penises or whatever. This is pure sound collage and its really, really well done. You have been hearing sound collage since the 1960's or at least since you started caring about this weirdo genre of music we all enjoy. Just by using source material the tracks on this cassette seem to move between genres: some doom, ambient, pop, hip hop… It's totally varied and very interesting. I love this and so should you. Limited to 200 copies. 

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