Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ZFK "Mahina Yest 1/Medizinisch" cs

Mahina Yest 1/Medizinisch

This is cool. I feel like I don't really know much about Russian noise and experimental music at all. My education basically starts and ends at Fear Konstructor, basically. I am quite glad I have a chance to learn a bit about this stuff though. I received a box, a huge box, packed with cdrs and cassettes from Russia recently and it's taking awhile to get through them all. This was recorded in 2004 before ZFK had broken up. It's subtle, mostly harsh noise with a slight industrial feel to it. It sounds like broken transmissions from the other side of the sun. The first side is my favorite track, it's very noisy and harsh and buried beneath a blanket of static. The second side is a bit more heavy on the industrial side of things. Loops and some almost riffs fade in and out throughout the track while still buried beneath the same noisy blanket. Super simple, yet nice, design and layout in a poly case. Limited to 50 copies.


  1. It is the release of ROKOT not Abgurd