Friday, March 2, 2012

White Jazz "The 4th Practice" cs

White Jazz
The 4th Practice
Wall of Dogs Tapes

Absolutely. Yes. This is insanity delivered on a sweet wave of power violence and grindcore from maybe the funniest live band since Anal Cunt. Seriously. Sporting of members Akimbo, Bloodhag, Spirit of the Radio and Doomsday 1999 this band is absolutely something to see live. The bantering and back-and-forths are so hilarious that I was a little worried that the tape wouldn't have that crucial bit of their live performances. Fortunately they have used the packaging (which is simple and kinda awful but in the context works pretty well) and samples to make up for that. Usually I am not a fan of samples but in this case it works fantastic. Moments of Boston, the Jackson 5, and some stuff I don't recognize but I am sure is fantastic. The music is similar to Despise You, Crom, Spazz, Charles Bronson and a bunch of other stuff that we all love. I think you should try to find this and learn to laugh again. 

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