Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Balcony View cdr

Balcony View
Slays for days Records

This is so close to perfect for me. Beautiful ambient guitar drone on par with Brian Eno's Music for Airports meets Oren Ambarchi's Grapes from the Estate. Minimal gorgeous waves of swelling guitar that absolutely hits the mark. There is a rough change here and there but it almost adds to the spontaneous feel of this recording, which is something that neither of the afore mentioned comparisons had. After a couple tracks of this beautiful instrumental drone you get a slightly more straightforward guitar and vocal song that is more of a repetitive, morose pop/folk track. This song, although strong in some ways, ultimately doesn't work as well.  Strained, soft and slightly out of key vocals accompany guitar and bell loops while controlled feedback adds a lot of texture. This track feels a little long and there are some screams that are pretty silly and out of place. You will find some really excellent guitar playing throughout this track though and it certainly is a break amidst the walls of melancholy drone. Although this record certainly didn't need to the break. This is another cdr that unfortunately I just can't get into how DIY the packaging is. The sleeve the blank cdr comes in is even worse than the one that came with the Alaskan Night Bears cdr but with the same computer print out insert. This is not something someone would want to trade money for even though the audio encoded on the disc is great. 

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