Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tom Hall/Endometrium Cuntplow Split cs

Tom Hall/Endometrium Cuntplow split
Love Torture Records

Fuck yeah. The first side of this cassette, Tom Hall, is gorgeous. It almost sounds like the music would expect in the lobby of heaven. Huge, soaring synths that make giant waves of almost choral textures. The track then starts to degrade into synth wave manipulation that feels like you are slowly spinning to a stop. It's a nice ride. Endometrium Cuntplow starts out so quiet that it feels like something might be wrong with your cassette. I love when people do this. I actually have to check the signal meter on my deck to make sure something is happening. Once it kicks in you get waves of delay heavy synth waves that are just on the edge of becoming full on feedback. Slowly, very slowly, a almost HNW comes in and accompanies this piercing squall. It's pretty damn good. The layout is nice and simple. Screenprinted covers with an insert, although I should save that the nice design of the cover and the insert have little to do with each other in style, tone, color and it's a little off. Still nicely done though. Limited to 40. 

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