Monday, March 26, 2012

Alaskan Night Bears "Champion Sound" cdr

Alaskan Night Bears
Champion Sound
Slays for Days Records

Alaskan Night Bears is very intimate bedroom folk by Charles Fishowitz. Very much in the vein of Jenn Ghetto's mostly solo project "S" and you could say there was a bit of Elliot Smith, Bon Iver or Tiny Vipers in there as well. It's very sweet, sad and quiet and each song has the feeling of something found and precious. The audio is a bit quiet but I think that is a side effect of it being recorded in small bedrooms around the united states. My only real issue with this release is the packaging. It's very DIY but in a very unattractive way. A totally blank cdr with a insert that is just a computer print out slid into a reclaimed cd sleeve. The imagery and typography is actually really nice but the execution has the feeling that the label doesn't really care and therefore someone may pass this up that would have really loved it. I know the DIY nature is something the label want to convey and I get that but I think just a little more effort would go a long way. Regardless, I would suggest you look into this release. 

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