Monday, March 26, 2012

Crown of Cerebus "Salome" cs

Crown of Cerebus
Hail the Crown

This is pretty good. It's dark, brooding, noisy and has a very cool Oakeater sort of feel to it. It feels a little safe to me at time though. It kinda hits all the right marks in all the right places and doesn't really resonate with me. I think there may be just a bit more delay than is necessary and I ended up having that issue where I can start hearing the pedals more than the performance. God knows I have been guilty of that very thing myself more that a few times but that is probably why it stuck out to me. That aside, like I said before, it's still pretty good. It's the perfect length and captures a mood and holds onto it throughout the release. I would love to hear more from this project but I want to hear them push the limits of the minimum and the maximum. Nice woodcut artwork and simple design with an interesting blacklister typeface but that kind of also felt "safe". It's already sold out at the label but I would recommend checking out the label's site. They have some very interesting things on there that you should really take a look at. 

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