Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ultra Bonbon "Tape Hiss Abyss" cs

Ultra Bonbon
Tape Hiss Abyss
Lava Church

This is great. Super spaced out synth layers. reminds me of a more aggressive and less ambient Brian Eno: Songs for Airports. A bit harsher in it's tones and there are a lot more synth squeals and squelches that cut through the distant ambient loops. The loops are really the gem on here. They are really beautiful and deserve their own spot on the next Buddha Box. It's pretty damn good. The artwork is great but the treatment of the type is pretty rough. It actually wouldn't have been so bad if they had considered the substrate they were printing one. The paper is very textured and has a semigloss look to it so these small thin letters become totally unreadable. Otherwise this is damn good. 

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