Monday, March 26, 2012

Zebra Mu "Experiment and Destroy" cdr

Zebra Mu
Experiment and Destroy
Smell the Stench

This new work from the U.K.'s Zebra Mu is like listening to noise in school. The way he is able to move around his pedal board and instruments is inspiring. Listening to this is making me think that Zebra Mu should maybe only do DVDs from now on because I would watch how he did all this every single day. It's very good harsh, circuit bent, junk noise and I love it. You can almost feel the way this sounds due to the textures alone. The packaging is pretty rough. The last cd I reviewed of his was pretty well designed where this seems like a totally afterthought. Nonexistant typography and collages that have no composition or contrast so everything just sort of washes out in a dull gray tone. I want more from the packaging with something that sounds this good. There is nothing wrong with dressing up before you go to a symphony and there is nothing wrong with the symphony dressing up before it destroys your ears. 

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