Friday, March 9, 2012

KPTMichigan/Black Stepdad split cs

KPTMichigan/Black Stepdad
split cs
Mirror World Music/The Lows and Highs

First of all, I was not expecting this to be very good. The collage artwork on the cover which is a mix of porn, krishna and comics is kinda silly and the names of the bands are kinda silly as well. I was thinking this would be "shocking" noise with little inspiration and that would be that. I was wrong. Although the packaging and design are a bit forgettable, the music is fantastic. Right off the bat I was totally impressed by kptmichigan's first track. Oppressive, focused drone that sounds like tape loops manipulated by time. The second track starts off like a love scene from twin peaks without the dated synth sound. Beautiful and interesting. The rest of this side is just gorgeous. I need to find out who this artist is and buy all their work. Black Stepdad is also amazing. I would say it is also gorgeous organ heavy drone but that isn't what it sounds like. Imagine that you are walking through a dense park in a city you are unfamiliar with and you keep hearing this sublet droning music coming from somewhere near you but you can't place which direction. You decide to go looking for it and although you never seem to get close, you also never seem to never be able to escape the sounds either. Birds, trains, leaves in the wind; they all seem to color the huge faraway drones but they never overtake it. It's an experience to hear this cassette. I have never really been quite as wrong about a release before listening to it than I was with this one. I must say that even though I judged this book by it's cover, it could really use a new cover. Limited to 70 copies in both the US and Europe. Go get this one. 

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