Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good Amount "In a Quiet Way" cs

Good Amount
In a Quiet Way
Lava Church

This is kinda awesome and totally unexpected. I guess it sounds like a weird bedroom version of eastern world type ambient music. Not usually my thing but this is pretty rad. Loops and noise smash any yoga studio vibe that this almost achieves in a way that makes me think that Good Amount (Christian Michael Filardo) really knows what he is doing. There are some samples. Some are part of the music in the form of loops and some are added as a sort of narrative. I usually hate that stuff but it really works here. Some of the tracks here really remind me of Barry Black and that totally works for me. The layout is pretty boring. It looks like those tapes you would get before cds really existed where the cover was just the LP with some big blocky san serif typeface that had little personality. I know that was the intention as the "Stereo 360˚ Sound" logo on the cover tells me but all that says is "remember when tapes were ugly and boring?" and my response is, yeah, I do. Still the music is great and this is a nice break from the chaos I usually immerse myself in. 

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