Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shadows "A Death in the Family" cs

A Death in the Family
A Soundesign Recording/Atavistic Recordings

First of all. This is a Batman themed noise record so that means it already wins. Super nuts constantly evolving noise that never sits still. I was actually really impressed ith how much it moves around and always stays ahead of the listener. And Batman. The cassette has an awesome batman stencil on it. A Death in the Family comic dealt with the death of the second Robin and the guilt that Batman went through after his pretty rough death. I know for fans of the comic this was intense. I guess this tape does a pretty good job of communicating that. This is exactly the type of nerdy that I enjoy. At press time there are only 3 copies left!
Simple artwork (Mike Mignola) and hand painted cassettes. 


  1. Damn, one copy left, and I need to nerd out over this. I LOVED that comic. Totally ordered. Can't wait to hear it.

  2. I have copies available. Email for info.