Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunken Cheek "Depths" cs

Sunken Cheek
self released

Restraint. That is my first thought. The first part of this tape is so minimal and deep that I am a little in awe of it. It mostly sounds like the sounds like distant battle heard from a mountain top. Huge, deep slow rhythms smash under layers of reverb. Scrapings whispers and shuffling sounds exist subtly but closer and somehow more menacing. A just when you get used to the distant sound of horror something loud and brutal happens to your speakers that might make you jump. It's a good one. Packaged in an "o" card with three separate inserts with lyrics and information. I kinda wish there was something besides the "o" card to package this one. Like a bag or box or something more sturdy than card stock. Either way though, this is good. Check out more on the artist's site.

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