Friday, February 3, 2012

Wrath of the Weak cd

Wrath of the Weak

So, where have I been? I have never heard of this one man black metal project from Buffalo until today when I was going through the massive pile of things to review and came across this. I don't even think I was supposed to review this, but it was in the pile. Which is weird since I have never seen this before. I think both the band and the label are defunct which is disappointing because WOTW is fucking great. Very similar to the 1990's black metal sounds of early Dark Throne, Burzum and Emperor but with a more shoegaze vibe. I assume you have all heard of this before and have opinions but I am way into this. I wonder where this came from? (UPDATE: I guess he is still doing stuff but just not very much lately. I will keep my eyes peeled.)

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