Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Head in the Oven

Head in the Oven
I Blew Up the Challenger
Self Released

Another submission in the intentionally-horrible-off-beat-noise-rock-doom-crazy-person genre that I find so charming. I really don't know what these guys have going on as a scene out there because these guys are crazy. Head in the Oven share a drummer with Black Cum who always deliver on the lyrics. These lyrics are just about as charming: Fuck you Han Solo. You Took My Girlfriend. I Wanted to Rail Princess Leia but I'll Just Fuck an Ewok Instead. Those are the lyrics to an entire song. The music is ultra-naive lo fi punk noise stuff recorded on a boombox in the practice room. The vocals are extra high screeches that as actually pretty killer. The packaging is interesting… The j card is nowhere near the correct size for the case, the lyrics sheet is folded crooked and the tape is handpainted. Very home made and DIY. Let's also mention the title and cover photo. The Challenger explosion. I actually wonder if these guys were alive when that happened.  That is becoming old timey to talk about. They might as well have atop called I started the Great Chicago Fire or Take That Hindenburg. Like I said, charming. Limited to six copies so I am not sure how many people get to enjoy this slice of crazy.

UPDATE: Check the comments for a link to purchase this one. The edition is 18 copies in 3 different covers. Awesome. 


  1. you can get it at the black cum page in the store.


    Also from what I understand there are 3 different cover versions of 6 so 3 versions of 6 (666). or 18 all together.

  2. Thanks so much for the solid review. Incredibly accurate, as usual. There are about 18 copies, I dont know how many out of those 18 were made or are going to be made though. You can look up some more information at www.headintheovenband.blogspot.com and definitely check out our kickstarter for our split with Black Cum.