Tuesday, February 14, 2012

La Mancha del Pecado/Whermacht Lombardo "Devastación Debutante" split cs

La Mancha del Pecado/Whermacht Lombardo
Devastación Debutante

Holy shit this is refreshing. The split from Mexican label, Agorafobia, is totally intense and harsh drone/noise. The man behind La Mancha del Pecado (the Stain of the Sin, I believe), Miguel Pérez makes so brutal sounds on his side of the tape. It totally harsh but it also has this excellent lo-fi sounds quality that makes it almost sound like regular tape hiss turned up so loud you can hear the ghosts and demons that left a signature behind the din. Reminds me a bit of Emaciator if they leaned a bit closer to harsh noise. Whermacht Lombardo is just as brutal. Apparently it is made from a Spanish woman that Miguel met in Mexico that is now a prostitute who prefers women and loves static. Sounds awesome and I am not sure about this but the sounds are fascinating. It's more of this dark, desolate static that I hope is permeating northern Mexico. I am very interested in the scene there. I am not sure about the edition number or exactly how to get these cassettes short of checking here. I do recommend you check this out though. The tapes are super DIY. Photocopied covers and labels stuck on reclaimed store bought blanks. The grit of the music really works with the grit of the layout. It's pretty perfect. It's a lot like a Soccermom Ebonics release. hmm….

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