Friday, February 3, 2012

Stuart Chalmers "Fantasia" cdr

Stuart Chalmers
Self Released

Super duper weird. Also pretty awesome. Stuart Chalmers has had a few other releases I have reviewed on here and they have all been pretty rad. This cdr is a collection of four improvised movements titled, appropriately, Movements 1-4 respectively. As far as instrumentation I guess he used tape manipulations, synths, a circuit bend toy keyboard, pedals and contact mics. The first track is almost maddening. High pitched tape manipulations and toy keyboards create the type of noise you may hear in the Smurf's village. That said it's pretty awesome. There are a bunch of sample throughout but they are used in more a sound collage type of way and I think that works quite a bit better. I am starting to understand this type of experimentation a bit more and acquiring a taste for it. I guess listening to all those Broken Penis Orchestra tapes has been effecting me. The rest of the tracks just keep getting more interesting. It's a keeper. My only real complaint is the packaging. The disk looks very pro and seems to be good quality but the packaging is just a sticker with Stuart's name and a plastic sleeve. This very well could be a review copy and if you buy one it might have more to it, but I couldn't know any real info if i hadn't received a letter accompanying the release. Still it's excellent.

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