Thursday, February 9, 2012

+Dog+ "Greetings from Moot Point" cd

Greetings from Moot Point 
Love Earth Music

I had no idea what to expect about this one. I had not heard +Dog+ before but when I pulled out the cd and decided to judge it on it's cover I assumed this was going to sound like Sublime or maybe Sweaty Nipples. The artwork is pretty awful actually. It has the kind of look you would expect from a cdr you had made at a mall kiosk. There are about seven different, conflicting typefaces on the cover and back cover. The cover is a sad smashed together collage where some of the pieces obviously came from websites where the dpi is 72 so the images look all fuzzy. It's pretty rough. Musically however this is great. Super rough and gritty noise that sounds like it's being made with synths and room recordings of beatings. There is a darkness in each track that really makes the artwork extra confounding. I just don't get it. I don't think dark creepy noise like this needs photos of autopsies or devils eating the breasts of still screaming nuns or anything. It can have pastoral photos and smiling children. In fact that would even be creepier but the cover of this is just nonsense. It must be an inside joke I am just not privy to. Either way though, I must stress, the audio is fucking great. Its tough, grim and harsh and you will be better off for having listened to this. 

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