Wednesday, February 22, 2012

La Mancha Del Pecado "Untitled Somber Demos" cs

La Mancha Del Pecado
Untitled Somber Demos
Self Released

All three La Mancha Del Pecado cassettes I have reviewed now are all great but if you have to get just one of them I would recommend this one first. It's a little different but it's a good starting place. Some totally blackened static (you will see what I mean) along with other tracks that sound like whales dying in a hailstorm. It's pretty awesome… Other tracks have this Earth vibe but completely destroyed by noise and piercing and I mean piercing feedback. There are some twisted vocals coming through the din that are maybe a little too effected at times but it's an interesting listen on those tracks. All in all this is fascinating and a good lead into the more extreme static dirge on the other La Mancha Del Pecado cassettes. Get in touch with Miguel and get a trade going.

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