Thursday, February 2, 2012

Carl Kruger "Gary, New Duluth" cs

Carl Kruger
Gary, New Duluth
Fusty Cunt Tapes

This is a solid piece of HNW from Carl Kruger. It's long, massive and unrelenting. It is similar to Dried Up Corpse or Taskmaster in it's intensity but the sounds are a little less guttural and a bit more psychedelic. You hear some synth type squelches here and there. It has a sorta being torn apart by evil robots vibe. I like that. As I said it is a bit on the long side but that's just the kind of punishment he wanted to deliver. The cover picture is way more creepy than I first thought at a glance. They used a photo printing machine to make full color glossy covers and it's a pretty inventive way to go about it. I am pleased. 

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