Wednesday, February 22, 2012

__dReágän||||||/Julia Ladense and Mantichura split cs

__dReágän||||||/Julia Ladense and Mantichora
I Had an Accident Records

__dReágän||||||, a project with a name out of the Fifth World, plays some intense and brittle drone from Belgium. Using what sounds like tape manipulations, effects and guitar __dReágän|||||| makes a huge lolling ocean full dense static. It's loud and broken. __dReágän||||||'s name kinda bugs me but I got to admit that it is pretty fun to type out. __dReágän||||||. __dReágän||||||. __dReágän||||||.  Julia Ladense and
Mantichora tracks are also in the realm of drone. Much more low end heavy and beautiful. Almost sub audible at times. Pretty impressive. If you have listened to Oakeater's LP recently and dug it then I think you may dig this as well. There are some samples buried in this one but it sounds awesome. I think it may be a little long but it's definitely worth picking up. Limited to 50 copies. 

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