Friday, February 3, 2012

ASTRO/Fear Konstruktor "Dawn Mission" cdr

ASTRO/Fear Konstruktor
Dawn Mission
Quagga Curious Sounds

Both Astro and Fear Konstruktor have been making excellent sounds that have filled my hard drive and record shelf for a little while now. With both artists you are pretty much guaranteed some quality work but although they are both quite good they are both quite different. Astro is a awesome noise explosion of varying degrees. My first exposure was the Japanese-American Noise Treaty cd on Release way back when it came out. I also got the honor of illustrating and designing the Hasegawa/Igler 12" for Archivecd a few years ago. I have been a bit of a fan for awhile now. Fear Konstruktor is a relatively new artist for me. I actually discovered his (Nikita Evsuk) work through this blog. It's always been tasteful drone that swells and crashes at a glacial pace. The combination of these two artist is fantastic. Fear Konstruktor basically cut up and modified Astro's raw material with his own. It really needs to be heard to fully appreciate of course. I don't know how easy it may be to come across this one as it's already sold out from the label. Packaged in a white dvd case with fake rose pedals it was limited to 50 copies. 

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