Friday, February 3, 2012

Fear Konstruktor "Oktophony" cd

Fear Konstruktor
New Nihilism

This is one of the many cases where something being limited to 40 copies is kinda bullshit. This record is really good and only 39 more people, including the label and artist, get to know about it. Maybe it will see the light of day in vinyl form in an edition of 300 copies someday but in the meantime this becomes another one of the many releases being made right now that you basically have to be Indiana Jones to find. Now, I know that is one of those complaints that is actually a hyperbole drenched compliment, but in all honesty I think some people, other than myself of course, need to bring their editions up to at least 100. Oktophony is, appropriately, eight tracks of drone influenced experimentation. The tracks are all a little different throughout the tracks. Some have keyboards playing below a blanket of crushing noise, some have beats hidden in the fray but all through this record there is a melancholy that is palpable. The packaging is fantastic as well. CMYK screen printing on both sides of a metal amaray style case with a full color insert and numbered cdrs. Everything is designed well and I have really no complaints. Well done. 

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