Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Remnants v. Collapsed Arc split cs

Remnants v. Collapse Arc
A Sound Design Recording

First of all, before you do anything with this one you must either play it loud or at the very least, loud on headphones… Its a totally unique experience as the first side, Remnants lays down a sound that is right in the middle of your head immediately and it wavers and falls apart but then it just comes back at full speed and takes over your whole skull. Its a massive drone that barrels through everything. I am actually a little stoned right now so the hyperbole might be running over the edges of my cup but I am floored by this first side. Remnants have always done amazing work but this is something new. It's restrained and minimal but also completely intense. Gorgeous. Collapsed Arc is way out there. Cut up loops and noise that create impossibly catchy sound collages. When the track with the meowing hits you it will creep you the fuck out. The fidelity of this cassette is noteworthy. I generally love the lo-fi, home dubbed, dirty, distant cassette sound but this sounds amazingly clean and clear. Perfectly mastered and prepared. I am impressed. Simple artwork and design but it works very well. Absolutely worth checking out. 

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