Sunday, February 12, 2012

Egg Sac "Lose It" cs

Egg Sac
Lose It
Moon Mist Music

I am going to guess that Egg Sac are from the midwest. There is a very strong Hanson Tapes vibe to this recording that I am way into. It's like noise, samples, saxophone, drums, circuit bent toys and the good taste to use it all well is all you need to make your own orchestra. It's destructive and chaotic without being harsh. The saxophone playing that cuts through pretty often is amazing and the smashing and crashing of toys, junk and drums adds some much distortion naturally that this tape almost falls part as you play it. I am into this. The layout is pretty odd. Black xerox on one sided gold foil cardstock. The tape itself is a Dinah Shore cassette that has been dubbed over, which I sorta hate by the way but I will give it a pass this time. It's kinda silly and also a little confusing as the other tape I got to review from this label is also on the same Dinah Shore cassette with no markings at all to tell them apart. In fact my two year old loves to hold the tapes as I get them and she often take them out and looks at them and then puts them back so there is a slight possibility that this music might have been Marinara Cooler but i doubt it. Heh. 

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