Friday, February 3, 2012

Claymation "The Dolphin Key" cdr

The Dolphin Key
Magnetic Eye Records

I have had the pleasure of reviewing three excellent guitar driven works this week. Karnak Temples, A Death Cinematic and this record, Claymation. Claymation is guitar and effects that are played with so much restraint and talent that it really is a pleasure to listen to. Especially from someone who plays guitar. The playing itself is the back bone of this recording. It moves slowly across your speakers like anenomes slowly swaying back and forth in the ocean. The music is warm and beautiful. The playing is closer to A Death Cinematic's subtle melodies than most anything I have heard lately. It can also get a little on the heavy side. Especially the final track which ends up more in the Earth/Barn Owl world of sound. The packaging is totally handmade with die cuts and stamped text. Refreshing and inspiring. I am very certain that you will dig this release. 

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