Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & The Rita "Drowning Witches" cd

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & The Rita
Drowning Witches
Debacle Records

Two twenty minute tracks make up this collaboration between Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (Stan Reed, William Rage, Mason Jones and Crystal Perez on this recording) and The Rita (Sam McKinlay). Both acts are huge in my world of noise and doom. The Rita was the most intense thing I had ever experienced live since I first saw Massonna in 1995 and Blue Sabbath Black Cheer have been doing the darkest, creepiest, scariest, doom/noise since ever. BSBC is the band that SUNN0))) should be taking with them on tour but they honestly would maybe have a hard time following them. Anyway, the tracks on this are necessary. The first is a amazing example of restraint. BSBC start minimal and slowly build over twenty minutes into a hurricane which is fitting because the Rita starts this track with a thin sheet of noise that almost sounds like a dreadful rain that turns to a maelstrom. The second track sounds exactly like you are trying to sleep in the hull of a decrepit galleon in the middle of the ocean with no wind. Kept awake by the sounds of the ship slowly coming apart and the sensations of your own thirst and agony. It's fucking grim. The artwork is a little off on this one. Most of it is either witch related or sexy fifties ladies juxtaposed with the corpse of Elizabeth Short. It's a little bit of a stretch but it does look nice. These are two of the most important artists in noise right now and this is a great place to start if you have not heard them yet. 

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