Friday, February 3, 2012

Karnak Temples "The Din of LIght" cd

Karnak Temples
The Din of Light
Debacle Records

Adam Svenson is one half of Dull Knife here in Seattle. The other half is Garek Von Druss otherwise known as A Story of Rats. Dull Knife is a bit of a treasure for us up here that doesn't play often enough. The strength of that group is amazing, especially when you step back and look at both of their solo projects (although A Story of Rats has since added Andrew Crawshaw (Shining Ones, This Blinding Light) as a permanent drummer. It's good). Karnak Temples is contemplative abstract guitar meditations that definitely live in the same world as Earth, Barn Owl or even Neil Young's Dead Man Soundtrack work (arguably where this whole genre started). It's at times huge and sprawling and other times intimate and threadbare. Debacle gave this release a nice treatment with a six panel digipack wallet. Full color photos of Adam, his guitar and his children adorn the covers. Adorable. 

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