Sunday, February 5, 2012

V/A "Life's Been Swell... Now I Want to Die" cs

Life's Been Swell… Now I Want to Die
Strabismus Tapes

This is upsetting. Strabismus Tapes is closing up shop. I know there are a million new tape labels popping up every day but this one felt special. There was a singular vision to the aesthetics and music released from this label. You felt like the captain was fully in control at all times. I didn't always agree with every choice but i always respected them. It's fitting that the final release from this label is a doozy. A tribute to Dystopia, a band I hadn't thought about for awhile now. I have most of those records and I used to listen to the fuck out of them but I think enough distance  has built between me and that band that this was a huge surprise to me that I actually remembered and recognized some riffs/samples. At least I think I do. This is noise bands "covering" dystopia. It's harsh, dirty and totally awesome. The bands or acts that are on this comp are:
Dust Cult
Clive Henry
The Raytownian(s)
North Oakland FTW
Some of them I am familiar with and others were brand new to me but all did a fantastic job of  illustrating the rawness and brutality of Dystopia. This is a fantastic. It's just a little bittersweet.

UPDATE: Steve from Strabismus Tapes is actually not closing up shop. He is just going on an extended walkabout or something. The label may be gone for awhile but it will be back and there will be vinyl as well and many more cassettes in our future... 

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