Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ryan Jewell v. Drake & Russell split cs

Ryan Jewell v. Drake & Russell
A Soundesign Recording

First of all Ryan Jewell is basically becoming a foley artist of noise. The sounds on this recording sound almost like he is just using things around the house to create and interesting noise soundscape. As it goes on it gets a little more processed and loud but the first few minutes are really interesting electro-acoustical sounding pieces. As it get more intense it actually gains a lot of momentum and starts to sound as if Ryan is starting to pull the walls down of the room he is recording in. It gets a little long in the tooth as it goes on but it's pretty impressive. Drake & Russel have a really interesting experiment in depth going on here. There is a juxtaposition of room sounds almost. Some of the sounds are like gravel being poured slowly on your head while other sounds are loops of distant tape manipulations. Other times you hear bells and dishes clanging next to your head and around your room. I really recommend checking this out with headphones on. It's a whole new world of disorientation. Impressive cassette all the way around. 

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