Friday, February 17, 2012

Aelter "Dusk/Dawn & Follow You Beloved" 2xcd

"Dusk/Dawn & Follow You Beloved"
Crucial Blast

For all of those that were not lucky enough to pick up the first two LPs by Aelter, Crucial Blast has done something very awesome. This double cd of the first two records is a massive piece of gorgeous experimentation. Acoustic guitars, keyboards, drones and various other instrumentation creates sprawling pieces that are so deftly put together that you can't help but love this. Fans of Earth and Barn Owl will definitely enjoy this but Aelter goes into some strange black metal realms that make this record feel a bit more handmade and personal. I was a big fan of both vinyl pressings of this but having it all in one nice package is excellent. I kinda feared that both Dusk/Dawn and Follow You Beloved would disappear into discerning collectors record stacks, rarely to be heard again. If I have to nitpick I would mention that the font, Ardenwood, is never to be used again. It has been used a lot by a lot of bands in the last few years, most notably by Earth on The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull cd. The type treatment in general is pretty amateur in general but with music this good it really doesn't matter. Pick this up or buy one for a friend. 

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