Tuesday, February 14, 2012

La Mancha del Pecado "En el Festival de la Desgracia" cs

La Mancha del Pecado
En el Festival de la Desgracia

This is more awesome blown out static, noise, drone insanity from Ciudad Juaréz. Tons of waves of piercing lo-fi static over huge synth drones. It is so compressed and thin that I actually find it really amazing to listen to. It has a 1980's feel at times. A little Throbbing Gristle mixed with NON. I dig this. It's a little long. I think Miguel Pérez from both Agorafobia and LMDP picks up the store bought c90s and feels the need to fill them so you aren't left with any blank space, I get that and very much appreciate that dedication but it does get a bit long at times. I must say that LMDP is one of the recent noise acts that does an amazing jobs of the endings of his tracks. Especially on long tracks you can just run out of steam and let it end but he has something planned and it works well. I should mention that it appears that this tape is also one sided...  You know how I feel about that. Very strange artwork like the last cassette I reviewed from this label but I am not as into the visuals as I was the previous release, Devastación Debutante. Still well worth seeking out. Check the previous review for contact info and I will update this if and when I find out more.

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