Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Red House "Aggressory" cdr

Red House

So yes, Aggressory is not a word but fuck it, it sounds rad so lets do it. Red House is industrial-esque noise with lots of vocal manipulation. Loops, noise, piercing feedback and waves of delay make up the majority of this piece. It is apparently all improvisation and unfortunately suffers from a little self indulgence here and there. The noises and sounds are pretty awesome but it feels like it just goes on too long for me. Like with just a bit of editing this could have been really tight. As I listen through some of these tracks again though I have to say, when it's on it is really interesting. I am pretty torn. I guess I would say that too much of a good thing is not a good thing in this case. 
     The packaging on this is in that slimline, black dvd shell again. Like the kind you get bootlegged movies on Canal Street in NYC. The words on the spine are upside down again… that is a little irksome but aside from that I kinda dig the art. It's simple but the typography is actually not too bad on this. It almost looks handmade and I think that is what won me over. It's obviously not and it's not the best font for trying to read the song titles but sometimes you gotta say fuck legibility and go with what is working. So I guess I am a little torn on the packaging as well. I hate the case but I mostly like what is in it.
     Would I buy this? I guess not.

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