Thursday, May 17, 2012

Facial Mess/Sleep Sessions "Excessive Force" cd

Facial Mess/Sleep Sessions
Excessive Force
Somnolent Shelter

So this is a split between two noise artists from somewhere far away. First of all let me say that this sounds very professional. These two artists clearly understand how to record and make things sound killer. I usually like things that sound gritty and awful but I do appreciate the artistry and skill that goes into meticulous recordings like this. Especially when it's noise they are working with. In general the noise on this sounds pretty good. Both artists sound very similar so I think any comments can apply to both. In both cases I think you get a spastic switching between samples on an Akai MPC2000 or something similar. It has a vague electronic/dubstep/dance kinda of vibe. You know how some people came to noise from punk, others from metal or black metal and some from the rave culture? This seems closer to the latter in it's delivery. Although noise can really be a mirror pond. You can see what you want out of it. Throughout some of Facial Mess' tracks you hear some samples of hip hop tracks and I think kind of colored everything for me from there on out. 
     Visually it looks like a hardcore record from 1995. Exactly like one. Maybe like Acme's cd or maybe the first Drowningman cd…  Not sure but with pictures of riot police and cut up and distressed text I am feeling pretty nostalgic for some early Hydrahead Records releases. It's a basic jewel case with a pro printed cd. It's again, like the production, very clean and professional. If any of that sounds interesting to you I would look this up.
     Would I buy this though? No. 

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